Monday, 1 August 2011

Bucklers Hard to Beaulieu

August already and lots of July photos to catch up on.  Firstly a leisurely walk from Bucklers hard to Beaulieu and back, as recommended in Outdoor Photography magazine.  In all about 2 miles each way, with plenty of time for photography.

Bucklers hard is famous for its ship building using New Forest timbers, so naturally there is a harbour and lots of boats.

Some fungi, with an annoying piece of grass I hadn't noticed that had to be cropped out, grrr.
And you can't visit the New Forest without spotting a few ponies.
But we (my sister and I) were thrilled to have spotted one of these too.
And then it was gone.
Just time for a picture of a sweet little cottage in the woods on the way back before a New Forest ice cream and then home.
Oh, and for any long suffering non-photographer that has to go on such trips, I can confirm there are some nice shops to be visited in Beaulieu at the half-way point.

Photo data: 24-Jul-2011, digital SLR, Bucklers Hard

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